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Code42 provides the means to access files across multiple devices with secure access and protection. If you are looking for a way to govern your data and make it easy to access where and when you need it without compromising safety, check out the services available at code42.com. Clients like Groupon, The University of Texas, Yelp, SanDisc and Kohl’s are already using these services to manage their data. Shopping at Code42 will bring you the resources you need to protect and manage your files. From the website’s menu, you can learn about the company, research the key features of each service, request a demo or contact customer service. With CrashPlan, you can back up your data to ensure it is protected in the event your computer crashes. Learn the differences between CrashPlan for Home, Business or Enterprise to determine which service meets your needs. If you are a business, SharePlan provides a means of syncing and sharing files. Before you commit to a plan, view the webinar describing each service to see all that it can do for you and your business. When you are ready to shop at code42.com, Giving Assistant has Code42 coupons that can give you fantastic deals. With Code42 promo codes, you can get a discount on your subscription.