About VRBO

Why stay in a hotel when you can find the perfect home-away-from-home vacation rental, listed by owner, on VRBO.com? With VRBO.com, you can search for deals on more than 265,000 properties in 100 countries. And, as an added bonus for pet parents who want to bring along a pup, 25,000 properties are dog-friendly! Just search for the purple paw print icon on the site listing.

Whether it’s a reservation just for you or you’re planning a trip with your significant other, family or friends, you have your choice of special savings on loft apartments, beachfront condominiums, lakeside houses, mountain cabins, houseboats right on the water and farmhouses way out in the country. Whether you’re taking a business trip or going out of town for relaxation or adventure, you can stay in a comfortable space that feels as if it’s your very own. Just go through Ebates first to earn Cash Back on your VRBO.com bookings!

To start your search, all you have to do is enter your desired destination and travel dates on VRBO.com, and then click on the filters to narrow the search to suit your needs. You can inquire about three or more properties to increase your booking chances, or select a single listing with the convenient Book It Now option. Once your dates and rates are confirmed, you have several secure payment options, including convenient HomeAway Payments. There’s even a HomeAway travel app! Bookings made online through the VRBO checkout and paid using a registered payment method are eligible for coverage by the Book with Confidence Guarantee, available at no additional cost. Simply look for the Book with Confidence Guarantee icon on the property’s booking page.

Many VRBO.com rentals come with a fully equipped kitchen and private dining space, so you can save money eating in. For those traveling with little ones, some VRBO.com properties include free amenities such as portable playpens, cribs and highchairs, which means you can travel lighter. And if you use VRBO.com promo codes by going through Ebates first, you’ll get savings that can go toward visiting local attractions and buying souvenirs for yourself, family and friends.